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Glove Box (BrauLAB GBA-75)

Glove Box

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Glove Box (BrauLAB GBA-75UV)

Glove Box Eldivenli Kabin (BrauLAB GBA-75UV)
Dimensions: 75x61x65h

Unlike the base model, a UV lamp and optional microscope can be added on GBA-75UV model. Atmosphere can be made with inert gases. The cabin with gloves is fully insulated. Gas supply and gas discharge or suction valves are available.

There is an LED illuminated control panel on the glove box. The sealed access cover can be opened to the right or left as desired. The UV lamp is located inside the cabinet. There is a bleed valve that protects the cabin from positive pressure. The microscope eyepieces can be mounted on the front curved glass.

Glove Box (BrauLAB GBA-75)

Glove Box Eldivenli Kabin (BrauLAB GBA-75)
Dimensions: 75x61x65h

Glove Box (BrauLAB GBA-75) is suitable for use with inert gases under atmospheric pressures. Made from transperent acrylic panels. Glove box provides complete insulation in the cabin. It has a gas supply and gas release or suction valves.

Glove Box has LED lighting lamp and sealed access door. There is a light switch on the top panel. It has a positive pressure protective bleed valve. Thus, the glove box protects itself from being damaged in case of accidental rapid gas supply.

Glove Box Clean Bench (BrauLAB GB-CB70)

Glove Box Eldivenli Temiz Kabin (BrauLAB GB-CB70)
Dimensions: 70x70x215h

The Glove Box Clean Bench is ideal for the works needing sterile environment. Completely made of stainless steel. The cabin interior is under positive pressure. The glove ports are used when interfering in the clean cabinet, thus protecting the working environment from contamination. Our clean glove cabinets are suitable for chemical, biological and physical work.

At the top of the gloved clean cabinet, the hepa filter and UV-C sterilization are placed. There is also a lighting lamp for the working environment. A blower fan that provides air circulation through the filter is hidden in the top of the clean cabinet. The top control panel includes protection fuses, lighting, UV, fan switches and fan speed adjustment knob.

Glove Box (BrauLAB GBA-PAL75)

Glove Box Eldivenli Kabin (BrauLAB GBA-PAL75)
Dimensions: 107x61x65h

Glove Box (BrauLAB GBA-PAL750) is suitable for use with inert gases. Glove box provides complete insulation in the cabin. Our glove boxes are available with chemical, biological and physical work gloves options. It has a gas supply and gas release or suction valves.

The special air lock in the glove box allows the material to be added or removed without disturbing the stabilization. It has a light bulb, positive pressure gauges, bleed valves and leakproof access covers.


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